“Isn’t it ironic? It’s like raaaiiin on your wedding day…” 

Don’t freak out! We know most brides and grooms pray for a gorgeously sunny day for their wedding so they can enjoy a drink outside with guests, explore the grounds of the venue that they desperately wanted portraits in or even have an outdoor ceremony.

Unfortunately, none of us can control the weather but here are 4 ways to be prepared if the heavens do open.

Bride wearing wellies at her wedding

1. Provide umbrella’s

Some venues will already have a stash of large umbrella’s that your guests can use if necessary, but it’s best to check and bring some yourselves just in case. Whether this is for an outdoor wedding or just to move from one building to the next, they are sure to appreciate it. Don’t forget one for yourself!

A row of umbrella's at a wedding

2. Trust your suppliers

Your venue, photographer, celebrant, caterer have most likely all worked at a wedding where it’s rained, so they will already have systems in place for this situation. Of course, you can speak to them in advance to put your mind at ease if needed and ask about how they might adapt.

3. Have a plan B

Rain can affect any wedding day (no-one is exempt) so always consider your plan B. Even if you’ve chosen a summer month for your celebration we all know here in Essex and Suffolk, nothing is guaranteed. If you had planned on having group photos and your portraits outside, consider where you might have them indoors if necessary. Perhaps have some rainy day activities and games ready in the background to pull out at the last minute. Be sure to include your bridal party in this plan so when they get the nod, they all know what they need to do to help the day continue smoothly.

Bridal party walking under umbrella's at a wedding

4. Embrace it….

Or at least don’t fret! Rain doesn’t have to ruin a wedding day if you don’t let it. Just roll with the new plan and laugh and drink with your guests and new spouse :) If you can’t get the portraits you always dreamed of, talk to your photographer about the possibility of meeting up again in a couple of months to capture those perfect shots.

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