An easy guide, helping you to improve your ‘selfies’

1. Lighting

As with all photography and portraiture, start with the lighting. This is the most important thing to consider when creating a great photograph. Stand facing a window so you are flooded in gorgeous natural light. If this is not available, find a large, bright light source to make sure you are well lit. This ensures the lighting is flattering and creates an uplifting atmosphere. If however you would like dramatic lighting or a dark image, find a strong, small light source such as a torch or a lamp and position this to one side of you – here you have a striking, moody scene.

Young girl taking selfie in mirror

2. Posing

Next comes your pose – how you position yourself for the picture. The angle at which you hold the camera and present yourself is very important for creating flattering images. Try not to shoot from low down, but rather hold the camera slightly above your head. This accentuates your eyes and removes double chins. Girls, don’t stand straight on to the camera – try a 45 degree angle. Then tilt your head by bringing your ear towards your shoulder nearest the camera for a cute, flattering pose. For boys it can be the exact opposite. To look powerful and strong in your picture, shoot from slightly below (but don’t bring your head down too causing double chins) and stand straight on to the camera. The ultimate manly pose.

3. Uncluttered background

A selfie is all about you, so get rid of distractions in the background. Having a clear background behind you means that all eyes will fall on you, not your dirty laundry behind you! If you are outside, be aware of what is around you – make sure that there isn’t a tree or road sign in the distance sticking out the top of your head. If you are in an environment that is cluttered, or it would mean moving away from the window for it to be uncluttered, why not zoom in for a close up and crop out all the clutter.

Young girl modelling self portraits

4. Rear camera

It is brilliant that most phones these days have a front facing camera – perfect for composing your selfie. However, these cameras on the front of the phone are not to the same spec as those on the back. For the best quality image, use the rear camera because it offers more megapixels than the front. This results in sharp, crisp photographs displaying you at your best.

5. Express Yourself

Once you have set up your selfie with all of the above tips, just have fun. The best selfies are those that show your personality. Don’t be afraid to express yourself whether it be a cheeky wide grin, or a shy, bashful smile. Steer clear of the ‘duck-face pout’ though – be unique! 

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