A bit about me

Hi, I’m Eleth, the main photographer at Mae Photography. This weekend I am celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary with my husband. I have been looking back at old photos and thinking about how far we have come (like you do at these times). It got me thinking – I often share our brides and grooms wedding days, maybe it’s time to share my own wedding story with you all…

Image of a couple in the rain, smiling at the camera


Jason proposed to me after having been together for three years. It was a rainy day in North Wales but lovely and very special nonetheless. My family is Welsh so we often holiday in Wales and the place became close to our heart. Beddgelert is a beautiful little village with a picturesque walk along the river. This is where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said ‘yes’ straight away – to be honest, even before I looked at the ring incase I didn’t like it! (note: I loved it – it’s perfect). The ring has a diamond with two sapphire stones so we followed this theme by making sapphire our wedding colour.



We got married in March 2013 at St. Andrews Church, a traditional church in Marks Tey, just outside of Colchester. We both knew we wanted the service to take place in a pretty, traditional building but the ceremony was slightly more modernised. The hymns were played by a live band rather than a church organ and the Welsh classic ’Bread of Heaven’ was featured, naturally. We walked out to Disney’s ‘A whole new world’.

Black and white image of bride walking down aisle

Our reception was held at Marks Hall. It was a very cold day (it even snowed a bit in the morning) so we weren’t able to spend too long outside for photos but we did brave the cold for some portraits in the absolutely gorgeous grounds. We had a lovely meal followed by an evening of dancing. Music is really important to Jason and I so a few different friends played throughout the evening which made it really special. It was an absolutely fantastic day, we were surrounded by our friends and family and couldn’t be happier.

Portrait of a bride and groom

Every year on our anniversary, we make time to get our photo book out to look through together, relive it and remember the day fondly. As you might expect, I love photos – they help me remember little details and anecdotes I might otherwise forget and they tell the story of a day that means so much to me that I don’t ever want to forget. The last five years have brought so many fun, exciting, happy times along with some difficult trials and I look forward to the next five.

Knowing the importance of wedding photographs first hand – the story they tell, what they represent and how much they mean to a couple motivates me to create that exact same thing for all our brides and grooms. It really is a gift.

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