Be prepared this holiday season

Christmas is just round the corner. If you have a friend that is passionate about photography and always taking pictures here are some gift ideas to help you get ahead of the game this Christmas.

Please note: We do not have any affiliation with these companies or products. We do not guarantee that these are the best prices, so shop around. This is simply to give you some ideas and get you started with your christmas list.

iPhone Lenses – £15.99

This one is just for a bit of fun really. Anyone can improve the photos they take on their phone with these lens attachments. The cameras within phones are excellent these days, but now you can experiment with macro photography, zoom in much closer than before and mess around with the fish eye effect.

Image of camera equipment
Photography book gift idea

1001 photos you must see – £10.00

Anyone who is interested in photography will surely love to browse this book of famous, inspirational and all-time great photographs. With images from around the world, from 1826 to 2016 this is an enjoyable and educational read. They can dip into the history of photography and the art of photography while taking inspiration for their own pictures.


Personalised leather camera strap – £26.91

Cameras can be heavy so a good quality strap is essential. Having a personalised one is a bonus! These are practical as well as stylish – what’s not to love?

Photography camera strap gift idea

Gorillapod – £40.49

These little devices are amazing. With flexible legs, you can twist them and secure them to almost any surface in order to get the exact picture you want every time. When a traditional tripod restricts your creative ideas, the Gorillapod can stand or hang anywhere vertically, horizontally or even diagonally! (For cameras weighing up to 3kg.)

Family Portrait Session Voucher – £129.00

Give a family the experience of a professional photography shoot including prints that they can display in their home. They will love spending time together, making memories and receiving stunning photographs to cherish. (Photography session must take place within 25 miles of Colchester, Essex.)


Colchester Photography Gift Voucher
Photography Flash Soft Box Gift Idea


Mini Soft Box – £8.99

This is our favourite! Do not be fooled by the price; although this is cheap it is not a gimmick or novelty gift. We think these are wonderful. This is a mini soft box that attaches to an external flash unit that helps to diffuse the light and create better pictures. It is light-weight and folds up small – a must have for any photographer using flash. At Mae Photography we always carry one of these because they produce great results. 

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