Real advice from real brides

“There will always be aspects of the day that you don’t see simply because so much will be going on and the day goes so fast. In addition to the professional photographs, ask your guests to send you theirs. I got to see the day how each person experienced it and got some great shots that I wouldn’t have even seen if I hadn’t asked.” Allie

Large bridal bouquet and bridesmaids flowers

“Very simple! Plan everything you can in advance, but if something doesn’t go perfectly, just let it go – don’t let anything spoil your special day. Also, don’t forget to enjoy yourself – laugh and be happy as it all goes so quickly! Our photos are full of laughter and joy and just looking at them brings it all back.” Lesley

Mature bride blowing bubbles on her wedding day

“So many people want to input into your wedding plans. It often feels overwhelming and like you need to please everyone. Focus on you and your partner – make decisions that will make you happy. Sometimes it is difficult if someone is contributing financially so be polite and sensitive but at the end of the day, this is your special day.” Elizabeth

Bride preparing for wedding, looking in mirror

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