A sneak peek behind the scenes at the editing of your photographs.

A professional editing service is included in all of our photography packages at Mae Photography. Although this part of the job is unseen, it plays a very important role in the outcome of your pictures. Adobe Lightroom is the photo editing software that we primarily use. Here is a step-by-step process of what happens to your pictures behind the scenes.   


The photograph we are working on was taken at Dedham, Essex during a maternity session. The weather was touch and go throughout the photo shoot, threatening rain. Luckily it held off but the atmosphere was a bit dull. Below, on the left, is the original RAW image. All of the detail is there but it is slightly too dark and flat/uninteresting. To the right, we have calibrated our camera and lens to the correct profiles for their make and model. It’s only a small change but makes a huge difference. 

Next, we make sure the exposure is suitable and adjust the temperature of the whole image. Already, it is taking shape. The picture has been brightened up and made warmer which helps the colours to pop. We have also cropped the image, bringing the focus further onto the subject and removing unnecessary foliage above her.

Contrast in an image gives it depth and enhances the colours. We use the blacks/whites to create this effect and highlights/shadows to fine tune the details. In this example, the dress is classed as a highlight and is slightly overexposed so we corrected for this. 

We use clarity and vibrance in small portions on every picture. Our aim is to produce professional quality images that look natural rather than heavily edited. Bringing in a soft vignette finishes off the picture as it encourages the eye to focus on the centre of the frame. Again, with every step of the process, small adjustments (sometimes not even noticeable) come together to form a stunning result.

Additional Editing…

On a select few of the images in a gallery, we do additional editing. This could include changing an image to black and white or giving it an ‘Instagram’ look. Our black and white edits are generally more heavily contrasted. We also do some ‘spot healing’. As mentioned before, we produce photographs of people that look natural and not heavily edited. Following this, we do not airbrush the skin, but can clear up any large blemishes or scars that you are not happy with.

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