Maternity Photography Ideas

Ideas and Inspiration for your maternity photography session We believe maternity photography is so special and would encourage everyone to do it. Your session can take any shape you wish to suit your personality, with the location, props, clothing etc. Below we have outlined the three main location options available, followed by some example photographs [...]

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Best place near Colchester for portrait photography

Constable Country, Essex and Suffolk Here in Colchester we are so lucky to be only a few miles from an area of outstanding natural beauty that is Dedham. Otherwise known as Constable Country, Dedham is situated on the border of Essex and Suffolk. It is refered to as Constable Country because John Constable was born [...]

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4 Tips: What to wear for your portrait session

The difference between an ‘ok’ photo and a great portrait. What you wear for your portrait photography session can make or break the photograph. Preparing for the shoot by coordinating your clothing with others in your group is an important process. Here, we will take you through a few things to think [...]

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Choosing a location for your portrait session

A complete guide to selecting the best setting for your photos The possibilities are endless. We can suggest a few places in and around Colchester, but if you have some ideas, then even better. Do you have a preferred location; perhaps your favourite place to relax and unwind, somewhere significant, or simply where you go [...]

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‘Say Cheese’ – the meaning behind the phrase

How many of you have stood in front of a camera and said ‘CHEESE’? Ever wondered why we do this?  No-one knows who or when we started using this phrase in photography, but the earliest reference seems to be in the 1940s. Prior to this, up until the early 1900s, Victorians did not smile in [...]

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5 Tips: How to take a good ‘selfie’

An easy guide, helping you to improve your 'selfies' 1. Lighting As with all photography and portraiture, start with the lighting. This is the most important thing to consider when creating a great photograph. Stand facing a window so you are flooded in gorgeous natural light. If this is not available, find a large, bright [...]

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