The tools of our trade

We have invested so much into our equipment because it is at the foundation of the work we produce. It has to be reliable, transportable and easy to use. Being the tools of our trade, the photography equipment we use is all professional grade and fully insured. Here is an insight into some of the equipment we use to achieve the photographs you love…

Canon 6d MII

This lightweight, hard-wearing camera body goes everywhere with us. It provides a great base for our lenses to be able to enhance their performance. The settings are all quick to hand which is important when working in fast-paced environments with constantly changing light situations. We love this camera and all that it can do for us.

24-70mm lens. f/2.8

A reliable and trustworthy lens. As this lens is so versatile and the most flattering for portraits, it is definitely our go-to item. The shallow depth of field it provides is perfect for use in low-light conditions and also produces creative images with beautiful background bokeh (blur).

70-200mm lens. f/2.8

This large, telephoto lens helps us at weddings to capture the special moments between people while maintaining a comfortable distance from them. It aids us in observing but not interfering during these events. The low aperture values means we can shoot in low light conditions such as in churches while preserving the detail in the shot.

50mm prime lens. f/1.4

Perfect for headshots. 50mm gives a focal length that is flattering for portraits and is ideal for studio situations when there is minimal movement between the camera and the subject. This lens is small, light-weight and perfectly formed so is an ideal addition to our kit.

Godox TT685 Flash 

Our mobile flash system is always in our bag, so we are prepared for any circumstance. We can use this item attached to the camera for quick and easy lighting solutions or ‘off-camera’ for more controlled lighting. Included with this piece of equipment are flash modifiers such as diffusers, soft boxes and umbrella’s.

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