Fun, authentic family photographs

When the weather is good we love to get outside for family portraits – even better if it is a lifestyle shoot. You could go to the beach or the woods or the local park – anywhere you would normally hang out as a family and describes you best. Lifestyle sessions involve you guys doing what you would normally do; just hanging out, being silly and having fun while we photograph from a distance for natural looking portraits. Let the kids run around or show off their skills on the monkey bars… these are the times you want to remember as their personality shines through.

This family chose the beach. Although it was October and getting cooler the rain stayed away and we had a great time. They recently had an extension added to their house and wanted gorgeous pictures of their kids to fill the walls. We managed to get the parents in a few too though!

Family of five at the beach

Young boy sitting on the beach

Young girl playing in the sand at the beach

Three siblings throwing stones into the sea

Young boy posing at the beach

Family of five walking hand in hand along the beach
We stand back and observe to learn the dynamics of your family group, the different characters that make it up and we want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Sometimes we will do some more traditional posed images while others are completely genuine and authentic.

The relationship between these kids is awesome. The older boys are so loving towards their little sister – they definitely have her back and will protect her as she grows up. It is adorable how she looks up to them full of love and respect. The bay at Dovercourt provided a wonderful setting for these pure, brilliant photos until the swans decided to invade. Being bigger than the children and quite intimidating, we left them to it and moved up onto the grassy area for more fun.

Three siblings walking along the beach holding hands

Three siblings posing at the beach

Young girl at the beach carrying her shoes

Two images of a couple laughing together

Three siblings building a sand castle at the beach

Child building a sand castle

Young children sitting on a bench laughing

Boy posing with his thumbs up

Parents swinging a young girl in the air

Family pulling funny faces at the camera

We are delighted that this family can adorn their home with stunning portraits and look back at this day with fond memories.

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