Kingsland Church, Colchester and The Essex Golf Club

Ben and Cat have been best friends since childhood; growing up through their teenage years together. However, it wasn’t until they were older that they realised their feelings were deeper, and they became a couple. Having such a strong foundation of friendship behind them made their relationship work – they already knew nearly everything there was to know about each other already!

It has been great fun working with Ben and Cat to give them photographs they can cherish forever. We did their beach-themed engagement session in 2013 at West Mersea. The colourful beach huts provided a vibrant backdrop and endless possibilities. The session was combined with creating pictures to be used in their save-the-date cards (which we also designed and printed). We had a great time, although the wind was a bit blowy – that’s October for you! The newly engaged couple were up for a laugh and this made us even more excited for their wedding, where we could have lots of fun creating unique, special photographs.

couple on beach for engagement photos

Couple looking out to sea

We love joining the bride while she gets ready with her bridesmaids. The atmosphere is full of excitement, chaos and anticipation. These are the last times of being photographed as a ‘Miss’, before becoming a ‘Mrs.’ Cat hadn’t wanted her bridesmaids to see her dress, so her mum helped her into it. This was a special time for mother and daughter to share on the morning of her only daughters wedding day. A small blue button was sewn onto the inside of the dress as Cat’s ‘something blue’. Another little detail that we couldn’t miss were the photos attached to the bridal bouquet of the relatives that couldn’t be at the wedding, as they are no longer with us.

Bride getting ready looking in mirror

Mother helping bride into wedding dress

Bouquet of flowers for wedding

The bridesmaids were dying to see Cat in her dress. They were lined up and told to close their eyes while Cat came into the room. 1…2…3…Ok, open your eyes. They didn’t disappoint – the bridesmaids reactions were priceless. They then helped Cat with the finishing touches of her veil and lipstick and we were ready to go!

Bridesmaid seeing brides dress for first time

Bridesmaids helping bride get ready - veil and lipstick

Groom putting on his button hole flower

Close up of grooms button hole flower

The ceremony took place at Kingsland Church, Lexden. This is a very special place for the couple because it is where they met and continue to go to church on a regular basis. It is not your typical, traditional church, as it is situated above an Aldi supermarket in an old retail building. As a christian couple, Ben and Cat wanted to pray together before the ceremony, but still kept to the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding. This meant that Ben had to be blindfolded and trust his groomsmen to lead him to Cat down a lift. Cat and her bridesmaids also gathered round in prayer upon arriving at the church.

Bridesmaids praying for bride before wedding

Groom blindfolded going to pray with bride

Bride and groom praying before wedding

The modern church had been beautifully decorated, and the seats were filling up as hundreds of people arrived. The vision of seeing his bride walk down the isle brought Ben to tears. The ceremony was made even more special by these displays of true love and emotion between the bride and groom. Don’t worry though, the laughter was just around the corner in the form of the not-so-traditional sermon – a Powerpoint presentation with the spice girls making an appearance!

Today I marry my best friend sign

Groom and best man sitting waiting for brides arrival

Bride arriving to walk down aisle

Groom crying when he sees the bride

Bride saying her vows

Groom saying his vows

Bride and groom holding hands

Church wedding ceremony

Bride and groom during wedding sermon

Bride and groom signing the register

Bride and groom leaving church wedding

With the nerve-wracking bit out of the way, it was time to have some fun. It’s not everyday you travel in a VW bus, so of course we had to capture their excitement. The reception was at The Essex Golf and Country Club (read our review of the venue here) which is where the group photos took place. We took the newly married couple away in a golf cart for some relaxing, quiet time and stunning portraits before joining the bridal party for more fun shots.

Wedding couple standing in front of VW wedding bus

Bride and groom posing with wedding car

Black and white photo of bride and groom

Bride portrait at The Essex Golf Club

Wedding couple in golf cart

Confetti photo

Black and white confetti photo

Bride and groom kissing on bridge

Bridal party group photo at The Essex

Groomsmen lined up

The speeches were full of emotion from tears to more tears (of laughter), with the grooms mother even having prepared a speech. The highlight though has got to be the best-man’s speech which came in the form of a song.

Bride's father giving his speech

Groom giving his speech at wedding

Best man singing his speech

Beach theme wedding cake

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