30 people weddings – is it for you?

It is gutting that so many weddings have had to be postponed this year, all round the world. We have had some couples postpone their’s to the end of the year, others have tried to secure their same date for next year and others still have completely cancelled their wedding – amid the uncertainty, they have chosen to elope or arrange an entirely different celebration.

This past week in the UK, weddings of up to 30 people have now been approved by the government. Some couples will feel this wasn’t their plan and don’t want to compromise so will hold off until they can have the occasion they always dreamed of, while others are jumping at the chance to make their vows and exchange rings.

Photo of wedding table plan with guests in the background

We want to big up the ‘intimate weddings’ 
The tradition in the UK is to have a large wedding with over 100 guests that goes on til the early hours. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this – we love a good, traditional wedding. But we also believe small ceremonies can be wonderful, romantic occasions too. Lots of the couples have been hit with the difficult decision as to whether to continue their plans but adjust it to 30 people or to wait until they can have the big day they always dreamed of. So, here are a few reasons not to write off the small ceremony…

  • With fewer guests, the newly-weds can spend more quality time with each person and enjoy more time together also.
  • They don’t have to be boring or basic – scaling down the numbers doesn’t mean you have to scale down the style.
  • There are venues in Colchester that specifically cater for smaller gatherings. The advantage of this is that the atmosphere isn’t lost in a vast space suited for more people.
  • Sit in comfort – rather than trying to fill the venue to capacity, your guests will have space to sit comfortably.
  • Break from tradition and have the day you want! 

Black and white photo of mature bride and groom walking down the aisle.

Your wedding is about you, your love for each other and the commitment your making to one another. We have photographed many small weddings with as little as 9 guests. The atmosphere is different of course – there are often no big disco’s and packed dance floors – but it doesn’t have to be all negative. In our experience, smaller groups can encourage a more romantic, stress-free day. Afternoon tea is a pretty popular choice for the ‘wedding breakfast’ while the group photos tend to be quick and easy.

Two photos of a wedding afternoon tea table set up.

We understand that social distancing restrictions at the moment mean even intimate weddings take a different shape for the time being, but if you want to still go ahead with a ceremony this year, we want you to feel encouraged that it can still be a special time and doesn’t have to lack in style.

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