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Are you interested in framing some images from your photography experience to display around your home? Find out more about our print options…

Image of photographic prints in a variety of sizesWhat is the benefit of having prints?
Nothing beats having real photographs to touch and view. It is great being able to store all of your pictures digitally but sometimes you need the real thing. Framing a print and hanging it on your wall means you get to see it and enjoy it everyday. They are lovely memories that you can hand down the generations that last forever.

Can I order multiple prints at a time?
Absolutely! We have put together three print packages which give you loads of prints for amazing value. These are ideal if you would like to create your own traditional photo album or share prints with your family. You receive a bundle of prints of varying sizes from small to large, so some can be stored in an album while others can be hung on your wall. Brilliant savings to be had!

What kind of paper do you use?
All of our prints use professional lustre paper; a satin paper. It sits between gloss and matt paper to give a fantastic photo finish. Lustre paper is durable and not too reflective so you get a great view of your photograph from all angles. We use light-sensitive paper that your image is exposed onto which is called a c-type print – a modern version of a traditional photography technique.

How can I purchase my prints?
After your photography session or wedding, your photographs are uploaded to a personal web gallery. This is an online portal for viewing and purchasing your images in your own time. Once logged in, open an image to reveal the photo products available. The ‘standard prints’ tab will already be open so you can see the different size options. Select a size that you would like, choose the quantity and add it to your cart. Repeat this process for all the different pictures you would like printed and then ‘check out’. (This is only available when viewing the gallery on a computer, not a smart phone or iPad.)

Will my pictures be cropped?
Some of the print sizes require your picture to be cropped. This is due to the size ratio of the print. Our photographs are taken at 3×2 ratio – print sizes of this ratio include 6×4 inch and 12×8 inch. However, some print sizes that we offer such as 8×6 inches have a different aspect ratio. This means that the photograph has to be cropped to fill the paper. When ordering your prints through your gallery, upon clicking on a print size black bars might appear covering some of your image. This is indicating how much cropping will occur. You can move the image within the area to choose how and where you would like your picture to be cropped.

When will I receive them?
Your order will be processed and sent to our professional print lab. Your prints are then wrapped and presented in a smart box that protects the items. You can expect to receive your order within seven working days.

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