Interested in receiving all of the images from your photography experience in digital format? Find out more about our USB stick options…

What is the benefit of a USB stick?
You receive all of the final images from your session or wedding so you don’t have to limit your selection or make difficult decisions in choosing only a couple. Also, the images are presented in a digital format, giving complete control and flexibility over how you use them, either in print or on a digital device.

What is a Social Media USB?
Our social media USB stick option gives you all of your final, edited images in a low-resolution format. This means it contains smaller file sizes. Also, the pictures are optimised for viewing on digital devices and sharing via social media. Prints can not be made using these files as they would appear pixelated due to the low-resolution image.

What is a Print Quality USB?
Our print quality USB stick option gives you all of your final, edited images in a high-resolution format. This means the USB stick will contain large file sizes. This option gives you complete control and flexibility over how you use and view your pictures. Copyright of the images is included in this product so you can print and reproduce them as you wish.

How can I purchase a USB stick?
After your photography session or wedding, your photographs are uploaded to a personal, private web gallery. This is an online portal for viewing and purchasing your images in your own time. Once logged in, open an image to reveal the photo products available. Open the ‘USB sticks’ tab and select which option you would like. Add it to your cart, and ‘check out’.

When will I receive it?
Following your order, your USB stick will be made using all the photographs in your gallery. It is presented in a smart box that also protects the item. You can expect to receive your order within seven working days. Upon receipt, we recommend that you create a back-up of the files by copying and pasting them onto a separate device in case the USB stick gets lost or damaged.

Why do the wedding USB stick options cost more than the portrait ones?
The USB sticks for weddings have a higher price due to the larger quantity of images/files provided. 

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