Our top 10 wedding cakes, in no particular order…

Choosing your wedding cake is always going to be a big decision – there are so many styles, colours, shapes, flavours and sizes to choose from. With such a range of choice, don’t forget that the best cakes reflect something of you and your partner’s personalities as well as keeping with the tone and theme of your wedding. We’ve put together some of the most memorable, stand-out and inspirational wedding cakes that we have photographed to help with that all-important decision. Something to keep in mind – if there’s lots left over then you’ll be eating it for the next month! So take a look at these unique creations and get your taste buds tingling…

Cultural Cake

This striking and colourful cake had so much personal relevance for the happy couple. For this Chinese bride living in the UK but not able to have many of her family members present on the special day, the spectacular Chinese Dragon on the cake was an important nod to her cultural heritage as well as creating a stylish design. Your cake could be a statement and talking point at your wedding with a similar sentimental design.

Image of a wedding cake decorated with the chinese dragon wrapped around it
A wedding cake with figures of a bride and groom on top

Funny Cake

The words “car crash” are not what you normally want associated with your wedding cake – but this unique example shows how incorporating humour and personal touches into your cake’s design can really work. We photographed this wedding for a couple who had met at university. As a nod to where their journey had begun, little books covered each tier of the cake, detailing the subjects they had studied. The chic green ribbon perfectly matched the colour scheme of the rest of the wedding and the whole cake design gave a sense of elegant, playful style. However, the figures at the top remain a mystery – must be an inside joke!

Colour Crazy Cake

Traditionally, there didn’t seem to be much variety in style for one’s wedding cake. This amazing creation shows just how much times have changed and that bold, colourful, crazy concepts are just as likely to be chosen.   This kind of design is ideal for couples that don’t take themselves or the trappings of a wedding day too seriously. We love the quirky colours on each tier AND the fact that the top one showcases a camera and running shoes – revealing a little more about the bride and groom’s interests. A topsy-turvy style like this certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you love it, it will certainly make for some memorable pictures!

A funky, colourful wedding cake with different patterns on each tier
A classic wedding cake with three tiers on a fancy stand

A Twist on the Traditional

This is a modern twist to the traditional cake with a deconstructed appearance and the purpose-built base grabbing your attention. The separate tiers means it is still possible to have three different flavours if you choose and the clean, crisp style of the icing and flowers are elegantly simple. But it’s the presentation of the cake that will have your guests talking. Fun fact: did you know that the top tier of a wedding cake was traditionally saved to be the first-born child’s christening cake?

Cupcake Heaven

Even though cupcakes are so popular these days, it remains a bold choice to opt for your wedding cake to be replaced by a multitude of them. These bold, strong colours of red and blue were offset by the delicate white sugar butterfly on each one. They look almost too good to eat! The biggest bonus of choosing cupcakes over a single cake is that you can order precisely the correct amount for your guest list so that you don’t have lots leftover.

A large chocolate wedding cake surrounded by more chocolates

Chocoholic Cake

Traditionally, wedding cakes have been fruitcake with marzipan and icing but that’s not always everyone’s preferred taste. So this dreamy chocolate cake (which made for stunning pictures and left our mouths watering) stood out as a real crowd pleaser because, really, who doesn’t like chocolate? There’s no denying it is an original, confident choice for anyone’s wedding day but with the traditional three tiers and flawless design, it kept everyone happy on this occasion. And it smelled amazing!

The ‘Classic’ Cake

When it is done well, there is nothing like a classic, three-tiered wedding cake as a statement of elegance and romance. With this cake, it was all in the simplicity of its clean lines and lilac touches, perfectly in keeping with the rest of the day’s style. Sometimes it is purely the excellent execution of a smart, sophisticated design that creates a ‘wow’ moment. If you are planning a traditional, graceful day then this kind of cake suits you well. Sometimes the old ways really are the best.

Immaculate cream wedding cake with flower details
A cupcake tower with a giant cupcake at the top

Giant Cupcake Tower

This cleverly tiered cupcake tower certainly makes a statement at your reception. Because of the giant cupcake at the top, the bride and groom at this wedding could still have their special ‘cutting the cake’ moment but with the added benefit of being able to give individual cupcakes to each of the guests. Remember to untie the ribbon around the cake before cutting otherwise you are in danger of the whole thing toppling over with the knife – just like the owners of this cake nearly did!

Themed Cake

Try and keep any children attending your wedding away from this one!  There really are no boundaries when it comes to cake design these days, so get creative and include your cake within the theme of your day.  Consider the base on which your cake stands too which is shown brilliantly here with edible Lego blocks to tie it all together. For board game lovers, you could cover the base with Scrabble tiles or for card enthusiasts, with a deck of cards. The possibilities are endless.

A unique wedding cake decorated with lego blocks and lego bride and groom
A naked wedding cake decorated with fresh fruit

Boho Cake

Bohemian chic is very popular and this cake demonstrates why. The fresh, natural look of keeping the cake “naked” (no icing) and with an abundance of fruit as the effortless decoration, it shows off a down-to-earth design whilst remaining beautifully stylish. It certainly made for a gorgeous picture on this wedding day. The wooden tree stump base completes the woodland feel.

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