We’d love to be able to showcase your photographs as examples of our work, though we’d never do this without your permission. Below there is a list of several ways that we may use the images containing your likeness. Simply opt out of any media platform that you’d rather we avoid.
Showing examples of work is vital to our business, we’d really appreciate your help in this, many thanks.
  • Below are several ways in which we may like to use the images with your likeness in them. If you'd prefer to opt-out of one or more of the methods, simply un-check the box. (You may find that we use photographs taken as part of your shoot that contain no identifiable faces - should this be an issue, please call us on 01206 632200).
  • Any other special conditions on usage agreed between the client and Mae Photography.
  • I hereby give permission for images of (list names here) to be used in the above media.
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