Personality in every frame

How many times have you got your camera out to get a photo of your child, or ask them to smile and you get the opposite reaction – perhaps a frown or even the back of their head!?

Our photography style gives children the opportunity to have fun and be themselves during our portrait sessions. Rather than asking them to sit still for 30 minutes getting them to look here and do this, we allow them to express themselves and capture genuine, authentic pictures.

By using a long zoom lens, we can set up the scene, encourage a certain activity such as running/hugging/dancing, then stand back and observe. They soon forget we’re there wanting them to perform and give us a smile. Doing this, we achieve candid images that portray each child’s individuality and personality.

Before the session we work with the parents and ask them to bring along props and toys that would be appropriate to use in our photographs. The odd sweet bribe doesn’t hurt either! All in all, the children hopefully enjoy the whole experience and would be happy to do it again.

Of course, this does mean running around after little ones for the whole photography session, so forgive us if we look a bit frazzled by the end!

This session took place at Highwoods Country Park in Colchester. The sun was beaming down so we found some shade where we could run around the tree, look for the fishes, cuddle teddy and smell the flowers. As you can see this little girl was adorable and did a great job playing in the park :)

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