Being prepared means making the most of your photography time

So you’ve decided to have professional photographs taken of your newborn – yay! They grow and change so quickly at this stage it is a great idea to get pictures so you can remember how your little baby looked. At the moment it seems like there is a hundred and one things to be thinking about as you learn how to take care of this bundle of joy, but don’t worry – we are here to give you tips on how to prepare for your photography session…

Our newborn sessions take place at your home so you and baby can be relaxed, comfortable and have everything you need to hand. Below, are six things to do directly prior to your shoot.

 1. Keep baby awake

If you are hoping for some peaceful shots of baby sleeping soundly, it’s a good idea to try and keep them awake a bit before your session, to give a greater chance of them sleeping during it. Of course, babies are unpredictable and play by their own rules, so we can’t guarantee this will work, but here’s to trying!

2. Keep baby warm

It is important for baby to be warm at all times. If you would like them to be undressed for some or all of the pictures (while keeping their nappy on), then the room that the photo session will take place in needs to be warm. This can be achieved by putting the heating on, or in an open plan living space, just turning the oven on for a while will do it. Due to this, these sessions can get very warm for the adults in the room, so be warned.

newborn baby staring at camera

3. Change baby’s nappy

We need baby to be as comfortable and content as possible to reduce the chance of them crying during the session. It is quite straight forward, but having a dirty nappy is not the most pleasant or comfortable feeling, so let’s sort that out now. If we need to stop during the photo shoot at any time to change a dirty nappy again, that is absolutely fine and expected, but please make sure they have a new nappy on beforehand.

4. Feed baby

Hungry baby = unhappy baby. Similar to the point above, this one is quite straight forward – to make sure baby is as content as possible, give them a feed before your photographer arrives. On a full tummy, they are more likely to sleep as well. Again, if we need to stop during the photo shoot at any time for them to have a feed, that is absolutely fine and expected, but please make sure they are fed beforehand.

Newborn baby's toes wrapped in a blanket

5. Have props ready

If you would like to include any props in some of the photographs, please have these out and ready. Props could include different clothing, toys, gifts or sentimental family pieces. As you are aware, babies can be a handful, so being organised and prepared makes the whole process run more smoothly.

6. Wear a black top

Particularly if you’re not going to be in any of the pictures, it works well if you wear a plain black top (long sleeved if possible). This means that if baby is unsettled and needs holding, we can continue to get a couple of pictures while ensuring the background is not distracting.

Newborn baby wrapped in a blanket next to cuddle toy

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