Mills Farm, Elmstead Market

This wedding was so unique and interesting that there is just too much to say! The bride and groom were so fun-loving, easy going, friendly people. When they asked if we had done a festival style wedding before, we had to say ‘no but we can’t wait’!

They had their official ceremony at the registry office the weekend before so all the legal stuff was taken care of and all that was left to do was celebrate with their friends.

The middle of summer in Essex unexpectedly brought extremely strong winds. For an outdoor event, this wasn’t what we wanted to hear – especially as the guests were camping on the site – but fortunately it didn’t rain or dampen the mood.

Both the bride and groom got ready in their caravans (also on site) which was a bit of a squeeze to say the least – luckily the bride didn’t have a big puffy dress. The groom wore a very bright, bold coloured suit with his hair pulled up into a neat bun. The bride had decorated denim jackets for herself and her bridesmaids to match the festival theme.

Decorated wooden pallet for a wedding schedule

Shoes and flowers for a festival theme wedding

Mother zipping up brides dress

Bride with her bridesmaids before getting married

Groom getting ready for wedding

Groom wearing bright red suit

Young bridesmaids wearing personalised denim jackets

Bridesmaids toasting with plastic cups

As this event wasn’t technically a proper marriage service, they had their friend officiate. She did a great job and incorporated unique ceremonial activities such as jumping over a broom and smashing a bottle with a spade – the bride and groom has trouble breaking it so called in the best man haha! When the time came for ‘you may now kiss the bride’ the bridal party let off confetti canons and pink smoke bombs to add to the festivities. (We told you it was a colourful day didn’t we?)

Outdoor wedding ceremony set up in field

Colourful bunting

Officiant starting the ceremony

Outdoor festival theme wedding ceremony

Bride and groom saying their vows

Bride and groom rubbing noses

Pretty, colourful flowers

Bride and groom jumping over broom in ceremony ritual

Bride and groom smashing glass bottle in ceremony ritual

Best man smashing glass bottle in ceremony ritual

Family members playing music during ceremony

Bride and groom hugging

Groom saying hand written vows

Confetti and colourful smoke

Pink smoke bomb at wedding

Bride and groom leaving ceremony

The reception was held in a large tipi which of course was decked out in the rainbow with balloons, flowers and bunting. Music was blaring and everyone had the best time. We did the traditional group photographs with the family as well as more energetic ones with the bridal party as they were all up for a laugh. Then we headed into the woods a little way, away from the hubbub for some calm, beautiful portraits of the bride and groom.

Groomsmen  portrait in black and white

Groomsmen walking holding jackets over shoulder

Bridal party celebrate as couple kiss

Bride and groom pose for portraits

Groom gives bride piggy back

Bride holding flowers for portrait

Bride waves flowers around

Bride shows off decorated denim jacket

Groomsmen strike a pose

Reception table decorated with flowers

Order of service and wedding favours

We love being part of special days like this, where your personality shines through, throwing convention out of the door and doing what you want. If this has given you any ideas for your wedding, please get in touch – we would love to hear your plans.

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