Love, laughter and family

This picture comes from a session that I very much enjoyed. The girls had surprised their mum with a family portrait photography session for her birthday. One of the daughters had even traveled all the way down from Scotland to surprise her mum for the weekend. It was a lovely shoot because the family was so close and it was just full of happiness and celebration.

We spent an hour together at Highwoods Country Park going round a few different areas; some open fields and some wooded areas. It was a scorching hot day with the sun beaming down but this family wasn’t flustered. They were up for a laugh and for sitting in the long scratchy grass for me to get these gorgeous pictures.

I love this picture because it portrays the very essence of the bond this family has. They are full of smiles and joy, naturally interacting with each other and this portrait captures those genuine expressions. The emotion and story a photograph tells is more important than the technical elements of an image for me. This mother has her two girls by her side and couldn’t be happier! #lifegoals

mother and two adult daughters sitting in a field

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